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Shake, Rattle, Roll

The health supplement market is booming and by 2017 it will be worth an estimated £8bn pounds, in bars, drinks, and supplements. That's a lot of powder, and at The Racing Lab we were keen not to miss out on a slice of that. Prior to now we have always strayed away from "prescribing" shakes as most "health" supplements and shakes are anything but. With no active ingredients and a cocktail of chemical additives. Most would be able to survive nuclear catastrophe. Luckily one company have made a huge leap in this sector. A particular brand of instant energy has got us excited with their natural and nurturing approach.


The offender in question is a natural endurance shake company called 33Shakes, who already count Sir Bradley Wiggins as one of their customers. We eagerly placed an order, kicked back, and waited for our delivery. Once we had our hands on them, we noticed instantly that it was more of a natural affair with 33Shake. Containing power-house ingredients like Chia seeds, turmeric, coconut, and barley grass, it is a force to be reckoned with. Due the delicate natural ingredients the shelf life is shorter when compared to the rest of the sports supplements industry.


The taste test. The shakes were easy to use and came in pouches or you can pour sachets into your protein shaker. Simply add water, coconut water, or a fruit juice and leave for 10 minutes to rehydrate the ingredients. The shakes come in your standard shake flavours of vanilla (organic) and chocolate although, 33Shake have cleverly tweaked the flavourings to incorporate cacao instead of a purely artificial chocolate flavour.


Once ready to drink we instantly noticed a completely different taste and texture in comparison to other shakes in the market. There was no artificial sweetness or powdery residue. The pouches were substantially textured by the ingredients whilst also having a gel feel. Chewing a shake? Surely not. This was almost a hybrid between a shake and bar. We liked it. With no horrible after taste and once used to the texture, it left you wanting more. Much more.

All in all we at the racing labs applaud 33Shake for this product. Miles better then any of the industries current offerings. This is the only energy "supplement" that we currently recommend to our athletes. Anyone utilising 33shake's offerings as part of their balanced training & nutrition regime wil see their results improve radically. Good job guys.

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