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Davie Birrell 



Davie Birrell, also know as "the flying Scotsman" & "Davie no legs" is a Sponsored Athlete for The Racing Lab and is racing for Mission Motorsport  



"I'd like to think I am an inspiration to anyone who is struggling or struggled with the loss of limbs or any illness or disability in there life, I want to show people that anything is possible and you really can take ur limits above and beyond. My story is one to tell and without being to much of a security risk  I was injuried on patrol in Afghanistan In 2010 whilst serving with 1Scots. I have served a number of operational tours and also was In the BlackWatch at the beginning of my careerFrom a young age I loved to ride, drive, run and generally do anything for an adrenaline rush. Upon joining the military from school, and as infantry soldier, I was dedicated and hard working and the army was absolutely my life. I boxed at light welter weight for regiment for two years and was also looking to take this career a lot further after my return for the upcoming tour to Afghanistan, however, this never happened ! After being blown from the ground by and IED Blast into the air I sustained some traumatic injuries to my hole body. I spent months and months in hospital feeling sorry for myself and giving up on everything - My relationship, my career & my children. The worst day of my life was waking up after being in a coma for nearly two weeks and noticing that the decision had been made to remove my left leg below my knee. I was shocked and couldn't see away out.



My family, friends and loved ones did all they could but I was in a dark place. I was coming to terms with the loss of my limb my right leg started to fail me and slowly die and I was continuously getting infections. I spent weeks at a time in hospital whilst Zoie was at home pregnant alone and also tending to my care and needs. This was leaving me in the most excruciating pain both mentally and physically, two months before my daughter was due to be born. The medical officer then took the decision to amputate my right leg, I could not see any future for myself ahead of this.


Later in 2011 I was a father of 3 beautiful children and was watching them grow - Anthony, Lennon, and Talula. 2 I was gaining more confidence and slowly gathering my thoughts and dealing with the trauma 

Then ... The racing started .... The first time I managed to get into my car and use it manually with no hand controls was one of the best moments, I taught myself to use the pedals with my prosthetics - things were going to change.


Zoie then researched some charity's and organisations who work with service men suffering injuries and PTSD. I then joined Kartforce and started doing a bit of karting, I was getting podium finishes and people where WOW'd by what I was able to achieve. I meet some great lads and this really made me feel like I was on my feet again 


I entered the "WANT TO RACE" competition and finished top 8 out of 300 with no specially adapted vehicles. I wanted to be treated and drive as everyone did. "WANT TO RACE?" then came to me after the series and was so impressed by me that they offered to pay for my ARDS test.


 I now hold a NATIONAL B race licence! I have entered a few other races and been asked to a few charity events Later in the year I joined MissionMotorSport who have helped me and tutored me and put me onto the right path and the right people. They have shown me how to be a better person not just how to be a better driverDavie is showing that ANYTHING is possible and that the mind is stronger the body, allowing you to overcome any obstacle. This year with thanks to Mission Motorsport Davie is racing in the Max5 series and is currrently sitting in 2nd position in the Championship, which is an amazing achievement. 


Davie is a testiment to himself and represents so many attributes that we as a company stand for and promote.



Look out for more on Davie through his Facebook Page :

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