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A New Method of Success...


Our approach is a new and modern way of taking sports fitness, and developing it into what will believe will become the future.


We optimise the body & mind and empower it to perform and recover at exceptional levels.


With the Racing Lab our programmes are tailored down to the smallest detail of each participant. During each session an athlete's physical and mental condition is evaluated. Structural analysis is checked for range and freedom of movement and if the athlete has any stiffness or pain. The result is that any underlying issues can be rapidly effected by our physical treatment methods which are also accompanied by techniques that aid the internal organs in their function.

How we are different...


Our competitors current training techniques are centered around non sports specific cardio & weight training sessions. These will typically be weights sessions using non functional movement and techniques, where monitoring is not frequent enough to track and achieve the desired progress.


The athlete's nutrition is centered around ‘old methods’, and is again, not monitored regularly. Refined wheats and sugars are still common place in most nutrition plans. There is a lack of oxygenating foods which provide huge benefits for health and recovery. Caffeine is widely accepted by nutritionists as a energy enhancing stimulant however, it's effect on the processes within the body are rarely considered. At the Racing Lab we fine tune an athletes nutrition plan thus leading to an enhanced digestive process.


Standard physiotherapy, chiropractors, and osteopathy practises are utilised as separate treatments. We say what about the rest of the body? The mind, the internal organs and a good standard of sleep all seem be overlooked. We don't think people should pay 3 times for 3 seperate treatments resulting in the mind and body in their entirity not being addressed.

How we make you better...


Our training techniques are tailored to sports specific cardio & conditioning sessions. The Racing Lab focuses on Reaction time improvement, and speed & power. We also take care not to neglect the mind, but nurture it whilst harnessing it's potential through mental focus techniques. We pay full attention to your movements allowing you to improve the use of muscle function whilst also aiding your recovery.


We monitor all nutrition plans constantly, to ensure that energy levels are consistent throughout competition and peak when required. This leads to blood sugar levels being in perfect equilibrium with the body, allowing drivers and riders to do what they do best.


We look at the overall health of the body, including but not limited to current lifestyle, diet and mindset. During your consultation we also asses your bodies alignment. Movement of the back, limbs and neck are studied before a body function balance being carried out. It is then rechecked during the course of your programme to make sure the treatment has been effective. Further courses of action will be put in place as there is always room for improvement.


We are a unique and different option for athletes, as we believe our service is second to none when it comes to achieving optimum results for your body. Try us and you will see that our claims maybe outlandish but our approach works.


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