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Tom Butler 



When we first spotted Tom via Social Media we kept an eye on him.. After a while we noticed he has the sheer determination, dedication, attitude & ability to be a Racing Lab Athlete. 


Tom is one of our sponsored athletes and receives complete support from us during and out of the race season. Tom is a very quick driver and has quickly worked his way up through the ranks of Motorsport. 


Here's some words from Tom;


"Fitness and motorsport have been two of the most important things in my life from a young age. Being able to work with and represent a company that combines the two in such a positive and productive way is extremely exciting for me. Fitness is such a massive part of motorsport so having The Racing Labs extended knowledge in nutrition and training has helped me massively already and will continue to help me as I compete in the UK Clio Cup in 2015. Fitness and nutrition is one of the most important factors to being competitive in motorsport, this winter I will be knuckling down and following my Racing Lab training and nutrition plans religiously. Hard work now will pay of next year in the last few laps of the race where you need full concentration. My aim is to be the fittest driver on the grid in 2015 and with the help and support I continuously get from The Racing Lab I can see my goal being achieved" 


Tom will no doubt be one to watch in 2015. You can find him racing the the UK Clio Cup.


You can follow Tom on Twitter for up to date information and race weekend updates here by clicking here - 


For more information on Tom please visit 



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