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The Racing Lab UK was founded by Cullen Sleep & Aaron Ridley. The company has been created around firm foundations, knowledge & belief of physical fitness, health & wellbeing. The Racing Labs UK is able to offer a unique service to improve a race drivers ability, fitness, physical strength/endurance, balance, mental state, focus & concentration through a range of ground breaking and unique methods we believe are not currently readily available. 

Aaron Ridley


Aaron has been involved in fitness for as long as he can remember. The obsession started at around 11 years old when Aaron took up Kickboxing & Boxing. The passion was pursued until he achieved winning a British Championship. During this time Aaron has become a Sponsored Athlete for a Large Sports Nuttrition company and  also took on many other sports; Basketball, Athletics, Martial Arts & American Football to name a few. The range of sports Aaron has competed in has helped his understanding of the bodies requirements for 'Sports Specific Training'. The work Ethic Aaron has is second to none - "It has to be done right, regardless." 


Aaron is our Conditioning, Fitness and Nutrition coach. His knowledge, skills, ability and backgound are perfectly suited towards this role. 


As well as sports and fitness Aaron has a very extensive Motorsport background. Starting as an apprentice Race Mechanic early in his working carrer, starting as a 'helping hand' to becoming Number 1 Mechanic for a Championship winning British Forumla 3 car in 2008. During his Motorsport career Aaron has encounted some top level drivers including BTTC, GP2, WRC, FIA GT & Formula 1 amoung others - This has allowed him to study how drivers live, work, eat & train to be the elite level that is required at the top levels. Aaron has also spent 4 years working with McLaren Automotive during the Prototype Development stages of the MP4-12c and the iconic P1 - This also led to meeting top level race drivers and driver coaches, again adding to his understanding of 'What Drivers Need'. 


Aaron is alble to offer a complete conditioning, training, nutrition & physcological solution to any rider or driver at any level, preparing for any race series. Aaron is fully flexible and can attend drivers homes, personal gyms, team events, race weekends & other events. 

Cullen Sleep


Cullen is the “doctor” of the team. Having studied Japanese Integrated Medicine under Chris Roworth, one of the first doctors to integrate oriental medicine into the NHS. He has learned a large and varied skillset in the treatment of physical and internal ailments. Treatments can have a positive effect on anything from digestive conditions through to trauma recovery. His learning involved the use of foods to aid the bodies regenerative functions as well as the correction of imbalanced areas of the body. Not stopping there, Cullen also recognises that the mind sometimes needs to be “tuned” in order to achieve an optimum physical function. Studying NLP and positive visualisation techniques allows him to provide a complete service.


In a sporting context Cullen has played to a good standard of football in his younger years and in recent years swapped that for martial arts and MMA training. He's also shown he can adapt by running two marathons. Studying sports science at A-level gave him the foundations to always plan training and understand human anatomy. Allowing for an understanding of various training methods, conditions and mind-sets that competitive sportsmen have to condition and adapt themselves to.


Cullen has a long history with 4-wheeled vehicles and working in high-pressure situations. Prior to his electrical role working with JaguarLandRovers hybrids, he was employed as an Electrical technician on McLarens prototype and development vehicles. Testing in extreme conditions all over the world to the highest standards only elevated his knowledge and understanding of what a driver and their support teams requirements are.


Prior to McLaren, Cullen spent 9 years with Mercedes-Benz as a technical specialist. He represented the UK in two consecutive international technical competitions, achieving 3rd place for his specialism. Experienced in performance engines and hybrid supercars. He has a strong knowledge of electronics and cross-platform vehicle systems.


Cullen’s track record has always been to work the highest possible standards.


“If something isn’t getting you the results that you want then change the approach to achieve it”. 

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